About us

The Spey Catchment Initiative was established in 2010 to take forward key actions from the original 2003 Spey Catchment Management Plan, now superseded by the 2016 Catchment Management Plan.  Run by a steering group of representatives from its partner organisations, it coordinates action and engages with the wider stakeholder group of landowners, managers, recreational users, communities and industry on a variety of issues and topics.

In addition to overseeing the focus of the Initiative’s on-going work programme, Steering Group meetings serve as a lively forum for exchange of updates, news and views from all partners, and a perfect opportunity for inclusive cross-sectoral discussion of issues affecting the whole catchment.

You can find out more about our partners by clicking on the logos below.

Penny Lawson: SCI Project Officer

Duncan Ferguson: Spey Fishery Board Operations Manager

Core running costs are currently funded by Scottish Natural Heritage, Cairngorms National Park Authority and Diageo, reflecting the public/private partnership support which is one of the key strengths of the Initiative.