Catchment Management

Catchment Management Planning is a tried and tested mechanism for facilitating a cohesive, inclusive approach to stewardship of the water environment on a catchment scale.

The first Catchment Management Plan (CMP) for the Spey was published in 2003 and aimed to generate a partnership approach to the management of the Spey catchment, reduce duplication of effort and achieve multiple common ambitions and aims. Progress was reviewed in 2016 (River Spey Catchment Management Review 2016) and informed publication of the new Spey Catchment Management Plan for the five year period 2017 – 2022.

The new Plan sets out the regulatory framework, the key issues and opportunities which characterise the catchment, and importantly the agreed objectives, actions for achieving them and lead partners for their delivery. The CMP is comprehensive in its scope, covering water environment, flood management, communities, economic development, fisheries management, farming, forestry and woodland, and habitats and species.

You can download the The 2016 Catchment Management Plan (CMP) here

You can download the River Spey Catchment Management Review 2016 here

You can view the 2017-2021 Catchment Management Plan Evaluation here

Activity is delivered through 4 priority themes

Delivering national and local government objectives for 2017-2022
Sustainable flood management, focusing on NFM opportunities and demonstrating NFM techniques
Improving riparian, riverine and wetland environments for multiple benefits
Education, awareness raising & getting people involved in the catchment