What we do

As well as delivering projects ourselves, SCI plays a central role in facilitating action led by other organisations, and making sure all those with an interest are kept connected and included.

Partnership working

SCI has proved to be more than the sum of its parts. It prides itself on a growing track record of ‘filling the gaps’, achieving things that are beyond the reach of any one partner alone. With the benefit of a dedicated Project Officer and the ability to be flexible and responsive to opportunities as they arise, time and resources can be focussed where they will have the most impact.

The strong relationship with partners has proven invaluable in streamlining delivery of projects, not least as a positive advantage when it comes to attracting funding. Expertise, support and advice are always to hand, and a mutual understanding of the issues and opportunities in the catchment provides a head start for timely action.


Over its lifetime the SCI has delivered or facilitated a number of successful on-the-ground projects including riparian woodland creation, river restoration, removing man-made barriers to fish migration and improving access to the river for recreation.  Take a look at some of our projects to see the difference we have made.

Connecting with people

Along the way every opportunity has been taken to engage local communities and others with an interest, whether that means inviting stakeholders views, offering meaningful student research topics or getting local schools and volunteers involved in practical tasks like tree planting.

Spreading the word

Sharing our achievements and lessons learned has always been an important aspect of SCI, and we are now recognised at a national level as an example of a successful model for catchment management delivery. We attend various advisory groups and forums and present on our work at meetings and conferences. Guided visits to some of our projects sites now number in the hundreds!